Complete 3D Characters Pipeline


The team

Nice to meet you!

With freedom and confidence, Larry can knead your ideas into concepts, and make them breathe! He just doesn’t create characters, he gives soul, character and a purpose to the sculpture. The sculpture will live! Feel alive with us!

Happy little guy that loves to create technical stuff, passionate for rigging since the development of his first autorig system. He will love to meet you and make you feel at home with us.

Lights, Camera, Look Dev!  From general proceduralism to the the finest of details. Ignacio would love to make your project look calm, funny, agressive or just AMAZING! Color can talk and we talk back to it!

Need animation? CHECK! Matts will bring your characters to life! He has worked in several 3ds platforms and has experience with multiple animation plug-ins to make your project faster, adaptable and efficient. Let me animate your project and have fun together!

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We are here for you, don’t be shy! We won’t bite… at least not over the phone or mail!